Bright, innovative, charismatic, and driven to succeed against the odds:

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You’ve been arrested. Now what?

Getting arrested and charged is often a daunting, indignifying experience to endure for you or your loved ones. The legal consequences of a criminal record can mean stress and anxiety, the loss of employment opportunities, family or immigration law issues, and result in the loss of your liberty.

You need an intelligent and resourceful criminal lawyer like Nadia Guo by your side to protect your legal rights and due process.

Advocacy you can trust

With her honest and straight-up personality, Nadia has never been afraid to cut her own paths. She sticks to her guns against adversity. As a gifted student since childhood, she is driven primarily by ambition and a disciplined work ethic. She has also gained valuable life experience by following her headstrong spirit and curiosity about the human condition.

Nadia’s naturally investigative outlook helps her build strategic advantages for her clients, no matter what offences they are charged with.

Ultimately, Nadia pursued criminal law both for its intellectual challenges and because she wanted to use her knowledge to empower the disempowered. If you hire her, you know you will have a relentless advocate by your side: someone who believes in the work, and someone who will help amplify your story in its best light.

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An affordable and personalized approach

Nadia has watched the way criminal litigants are repeatedly sidelined in our under-resourced courts, sometimes by their own lawyers. She recognizes the resilience endured by ordinary people who come before the law and have had their lives upturned by authority figures.

Nadia’s objective is to restore stability to her clients’ lives. She understands that representing your best interests begins with listening to you and working to connect to you with the community experts you need to help you exercise your legal rights in the most informed way possible.

As a young lawyer who is still paying off her own student loans, Nadia knows accessible legal services is not a reality for most Canadians. By investing in secure technology to save time and keep costs low for her clients, Nadia will be working for you anywhere, anytime. In fact, you can reach her 24/7.

Individual liberty is something Nadia knows is worth fighting for. As a criminal defence lawyer who believes in the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, she will dedicate herself to learning the evidence that’s brought to the table and making that evidence work for you.

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