Accessible legal services for all

Access to justice

Having worked at student-run legal aid clinic while in law school and on countless Legal Aid files, Nadia is aware that Legal Aid Ontario’s eligibility requirements are vastly limiting to the general population of litigants who need legal representation. Meanwhile, the majority of private legal fees remain out-of-reach for hardworking Canadians.

As a free market and competition-loving consumer, Nadia values price transparency in all the industries she participates in. Her clients should always be offered a clear idea upfront regarding how much it will cost to hire her.

Retain Ms. Guo

There are three ways to retain Ms. Guo::

  1. Ms. Guo accepts most Legal Aid Ontario certificates. Legal aid-assisted clients can be rest assured that they will receive the same high quality of legal representation as all Ms. Guo's other clients.

  2. For those who are not eligible for assistance from Legal Aid Ontario and wish to retain Ms. Guo privately, she is pleased to offer a choice between hourly fees and block fees:

    Ms. Guo offers accessible hourly rates for her new clients beginning at the reasonable rate of $100 per hour (plus HST).

    Block fees can also be arranged, but these will be highly dependent on the type of retainer and their amounts will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  3. As a passionate advocate who is determined to use the privilege of her law degree for advancing justice in society, Ms. Guo will accept cases on a pro bono basis to indigent accused if she determines there is a public interest rationale for donating her time and expertise to the case. Examples of this can include:

    1. Cases that could contribute to progressive legal reform, such as those concerning important constitutional issues;
    2. Cases involving egregious state challenges to civil liberties (excessive use of force by police, free speech incursions, or other clear breaches of Charter rights);
    3. Cases involving vulnerable classes of accused such as those with disabilities or youth offenders in precarious living situations;
    4. Clients requiring assistance with their Rowbotham, or s. 684(1) applications for appeals at the Court of Appeal.

Unpacking the costs of your criminal proceedings

Every criminal case is unique because they are all made up of different facts and circumstances. The criminal process is comprised of a series of crucial stages that require clients to make informed decisions on how they would like to proceed at each stage, such as whether to resolve the case early or whether to proceed to trial. These decisions will depend highly on factors such as whether you have been released on bail, the quality of the evidence the Crown has obtained, the strength of your defences, what the Crown is offering you in exchange for an early plea, and the consequences of a conviction.

Examples of legal work that will increase the cost of your defence include the preparation, filing, and arguing of Charter applications, the number of witnesses involved in your case, the types of evidence involved in your case, and the need for bail reviews, hiring experts, and multi-day hearings.

Ms. Guo firmly believes that each client should be intimately involved in his or her defence, and kept apprised of all case developments. She will make sure to work with you to quickly identify the legal issues that will impact your defence. Some cases may take years to complete. In order to keep costs low for her clients, Nadia will provide informed legal opinions early on to all her clients outlining their options and likelihood of success at trial.